Melbourne Collegians take great pride in our Development Program. This has established us as the largest Club in Victoria and certainly the most successful Club. We have a long history, which is underpinned by a commitment to developing players to their full Water Polo potential as well as creating an environment that develops other important traits such as leadership, working as a team player, respect and sportsmanship. Some players will represent Australia but that is not the Clubís only aim in the development of our Club members.

We currently have a number of players in Australian squads and teams and all players started in our Under 12 program. We do expect members to be able to swim however some of the Tadpoles may initially struggle in the deep pool. They are trained in the shallow pool at Xavier and can venture into the deep from time to time until ready to play Under 12ís.

MC MadBall - Junior Development Competition.

This is an innovative competition developed by Club coaches. It is a modified game ensuring everyone is part of the action, there is no down time, swimming is not a major part of the game but rather passing the ball around. Participation and enjoyment are the main aims of this new format.

UNDER 12/14

The Under 12ís and Under 14ís train on Saturdays and play on Sundays Term 4 and Term 1. Training comprises skill training and many practice games. In Term 1 we run an Under 14 program, training 3-4 times per week leading up to the National Club Under 14 Tournament held each year over the Easter break. Playing in the Under 16 VWPI competitions also extends many of our Under 13 and Under 14 players.


The Under 16 athletes play in the VWPI competitions and can also participate in an Under 16 program, which prepares players for, the National Club Under 16 Tournament held in the September/October break. This is in addition to the regular Club training. Playing up in Under 18 and Senior grades extends many of these players.


The Under 18 level comprises some high level players who may be already be members or vying for Australian teams/squads as well as more social players who may be using the competition to prepare for School games. The high level athletes would be playing in the Senior teams.


In July 2013 the Club has introduced MCAD which is a more structured program which can offer those athletes wishing to advance their Water Polo further training opportunities. In the past this has occurred prior to National Club Championships but we now propose this to be year round for all Junior athletes Born 1995 and after.

This new program coincides with the arrival of Slobodan Macic from Montenegro in May 2013. Slobodan Macic, is the Clubís new Head Coach, former Montenegro National Junior coach and European champion, who has had extensive experience in developing young athletes on their pathway to International representation in Montenegro.

We have been guided by Slobo in the development of the Program which is based on the well-proven Montenegro programs starting with athletes as young as 8 years.

Anthony Edwards is the Director of the Program and along with Slobo, John Wall, our three 2013 American College women athletes, and Tan Diptas (goal keeper coach) form the MCAD coaching panel.

Details of the Program can be found here: MCAD Policy Guide

Any queries should be directed to Anthony Edwards

The VIS and WPV have coordinated the Development pathways since 2010. The MCAD Program has been organized so that athletes could still participate in those Pathways.


The Club runs a Holiday Clinic for Club members over 5 days during each Holiday period. The remaining 2013 Clinics are scheduled for September 23rd to 27th and December 16th to 20th.


As part of the development process we encourage and mentor all of our members to coach and to referee our younger teams. This helps develop other skills as well as create a real Club camaraderie throughout all age groups.

The Development Program starts with the very young and is coordinated by the Clubís coaching panel with the help of the other coaches.