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A group of members got together in July 2010 to create something special and vowed to have a lot of fun doing it. As a result "The 1894 Club" was born - named after the year of the original Melbourne Swimming Club's inception. The club's motto, Ago ut Ludo, means "live to play".

For five years, the 1894 Club has successfully developed three key areas of activity, a young sports talent program, social events for members and guests, and members only network-based activities beyond fringe sports.

Sports Young Talent Program

Our primary objective is to support the junior player development program at Melbourne Collegians Water Polo Club. This is achieved by supporting individual players, coaches and the club in general. As an extension of this primary goal, and with a view to broaden the appeal of The 1894 Club, our secondary objective is to support highly talented young athletes from other fringe sports who we include in our events and follow through their careers.

Some exciting contributions to the development of young athletes we have been able to make already:

  • 1894 Club Annual Scholarships for a girl and boy at MCWPC, chosen by the coaches and committee since 2011, awarded at the annual club function.
  • Annual contribution to the salary of the international Head Coach at MCWPC starting 2013.
  • Individual sponsorship of national team players James Stanton, Blake Edwards and Rowie Webster
  • Individual support for Olympic hopefuls Pip Pietromonaco (sailing) and Cam Bolton (snowboarding)

Social Activities

We enjoy the company of like-minded friends of water polo at unique major events, which are organized twice a year, funded by The Club, to strengthen the 1894 Community and provide memorable entertainment for those who are prepared to do a little extra. Some iconic events we have enjoyed together to date have been:

  • The tour of Melbourne's iconic locations (Melbourne Club, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club).
  • The RACV Club Healesville buffet BBQ and golf day.
  • The Australian Club wine tasting.
  • Dinner with Partners at Abla's, Carlton.
  • Dinner event at O'Shannessy's with live music entertainment.
  • The Post Grand Final Luncheon in 2014 and 2015
  • The Annual 1894 Club Dinner at the Kooyong Tennis Club in 2015

Networking and Mentoring

The 1894 Club members are all successful professionals with an exceptionally high quality personal and business network. Two recent additions to the 1894 Club activities are sharing these networks amongst fellow members and mentoring the young athletes we support in areas beyond sport. The 1894 Club database covers the profiles of each member, a great starting point for new relationships. The first networking event took place in August 2015.

Members of the 1894 Club are available to provide advice and mentoring to junior MC club members as they navigate their studies and set themselves up to enter the workforce. The 1894 Club members include representatives from marketing, banking and finance, medicine, accounting, consulting, IT and a range of other industries and professions. Topics of interest for MC members could include how to gain a work experience placement, preparing a professional resume, how to prepare for a job interview and general advice on how the workforce works in industries of interest.

MC Club members who are interested to take advantage of the 1894 Club network should contact Rob Mellor at robmellor@hotmail.com or via MC.

The Membership Fees are used in three ways: one third goes towards the support of the MCWPC and the individual sponsorship of athletes from selected fringe sports, one third is invested into the social activities for members, and the final third is paid into a fund which we are building to provide a longā€term financial basis to our activities.

Please feel free to approach any of the committee members for more information:

  • Kris Willand (President)
  • Steve Mulligan (Vice President)
  • Angelo Biviano (Treasurer)
  • Rob Mellor
  • Adam Molnar

If you would like to make a real difference to the MCWPC by building a fund to secure the future of the player development program and other worthwhile initiatives around fringe sports, then become a member and join the fun-loving and sport-loving group of 1894 members already taking the initiative.

"Make friends and make a difference."